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Jacques Cartier
Jacques Cartier's History
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   Jacques Cartier's history

When Jacques Cartier journey started in Canada it was his first voyage in his whole entire life. He had visited Canada three times. In his first voyage to Canada he met with indians. They helped him in many ways. They taught him some survival skills and showed him their surroundings, such as the St. Lawrence river. When he headed back to the king of France he brought back with him two indians. On his second exploration to Canada he placed a flag that said, " Long live the king of France", at the mouth of the St. Lawrence river. Then on his third voyage he and his crew of men had suffered scurvy and extremely cold weather in Canada in 1536. He then sailed back to France and lived the rest of his life there until he had passed away.


    Jacques Cartier was born in St. Malo France, 1491. In his younger past life there was not much that he had did when he was young. But he was terribly made fun of by his classmates. In 1534 his first voyage had started. Jacques Cartier was married in 1520. He got married to Catherine Des Granches. On his voyage he was headed for Asia for spices, and other useful things. Instead of going the usual way that the other mariners did to go to Asia he decided to head a different way to try and find a shorter way. But instead of going to Asia, he came upon Canada. It was 1557 when he passed away. Jacques Cartier was only 66 years old. When he was in Canada most of his men died of scurvy and the extremely cold weather in Canada. Luckily for Jacques Cartier he had escaped the tragic diesease and the weather. He then headed back to his home town, St. Malo where he spent the rest of his exciting life and passed away peacefully by his wife's side.  

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