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Jacques Cartier


Why was Jacques Cartier important to Canada?
Jacques Cartier's History
One of Jacques Cartier's diary entries
Jacques Cartier's voyages
A Short Story
A Poem

Jacques Cartier

1.When was Jacques Cartier first voyage?
2.What was Jacques Cartier's "Job" to do in Canada?
3.When was Jacques Cartier born?
4.When did Jacques Cartier pass away?
5. What year did Jacques Cartier go on his second voyage?
6. How many men went on his second voyage?
7. When did Jacques Cartier go on his third voyage?

8. When Jacques Cartier placed a flag at the mouth of the St. Lawrence river what did it say?
9. What was the name of Jacques Cartier's wife?
10. At what age did Jacques Cartier die?
11.Did you like this website?

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