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Jacques Cartier


Why was Jacques Cartier important to Canada?
Jacques Cartier's History
One of Jacques Cartier's diary entries
Jacques Cartier's voyages
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Jacques Cartier's voyages

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  Jacques Cartier's first voyage started in 1534 when he first arrived in Canada. Then his second voyage was in 1535. On his second voyage he started to explore the St. Lawrence river. After the exploration of the St. Lawrence river he had conqured the mouth of the St. Lawrence river.When Jacques Cartier was finished placing a flag that said long live the king of france at the St. Lawrence river. He then went back to france to tell the king what he had discovered.
Jacques Cartier third voyage was in May 19, 1535 to July 16,1536. the king of France, had sent Cartier to canada again to discover more of the new land. This time there was three ships with 110 men on boad. Cartier had built a log house and made a fort in Stadacona what is now Quebec city. Cartier then went down to the St. Lawrence River.
       It had started to snow in canada once it was winter, so Jacques's crew stayed in canada because of the ice. There was a lot of people that died of scurvy (going on a diet and not eating any fruit or vegetables). The Iroquois village tried to help Cartier's crew. They gave them white cerad tea to help cure the scurvy.
Cartier's fourth voyage was in 1541 to 1542. Jacques Cartier sailed down farther in the river to Hochelage what is now called Montreal. He was not welcome in Stadacona because Donnacona had died in France. Jacques Cartier said that the other Indians said that the Ladies and Lords and did not want to go back. But Cartier was lieing. Jacques traded furs and took them back to France. He was forced to quit his exploration. Jacques Cartier was the first European to travel down th St. Lawrence River and claim land in America for France but not permantly. 


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