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Jacques Cartier
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Welcome to Tara, Tyler and Cheryl's Jacques Cartier web page!!!

          This site is all about Jacques Cartier.

       Jacques Cartier was a french mariner, and he worked for the king of France. In 1534 the king sent him to search for gold, and spices from Asia with two ships and, sixty-one men with him on his journey. But he decided to try and find another route to Asia. Instead he came upon Canada. After exploring for a while he sailed back to the King of France to report his new discoveries and brought two natives with him. When the King saw this he sent Cartier back to North America with the two natives to find more about this new land that he had discovered. He then sailed to North America and explored the Gulf of St. Lawrence River.
     That is where it begins. In other parts of our site you will learn more about his voyages to North America, interesting facts, and his history.


Jacques Cartier

Did You Know?

Did you Know that on one of Jacques Cartier's voyages was going to be his last? Jacques Cartier headed to North America for his journey. He believed that there was millions of dollars worth of gold and diamonds there, (well that is what he heard from some of his crew members). When he got there he searched and searched, nothing. But finally he found some gold, he was enveloped in happiness. After he had discovered the goldhe sadly discovered that it was just fool's gold. After reporting this to the king he never got a charter ever again. The French then took no interest in exploring North America after Jacques Cartier's failure. Half of a century later they finally got back to exploring North America and many new found land to be discovered.

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