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Jacques Cartier
A Short Story


Why was Jacques Cartier important to Canada?
Jacques Cartier's History
One of Jacques Cartier's diary entries
Jacques Cartier's voyages
A Short Story
A Poem

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It was early in the morning and the King of France was in need of some spices from Asia. So he send none other then "Jacques Cartier." Jacques Cartier did not know if he was right for the job. But he decided to go anyway. When Cartier was on his way to Asia he said ,"You know what i am going to find a shorter route." He took a route which he thought would be quicker but it ended up taking him for a journey up the saint lawrence river. When he was on the saint lawrence he found new land that he had never seen before, INFACT no one had seen before. So he thought he was the founder and would be able to name it . Today it is known as none other then Canada.

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