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Jacques Cartier
A Poem


Why was Jacques Cartier important to Canada?
Jacques Cartier's History
One of Jacques Cartier's diary entries
Jacques Cartier's voyages
A Short Story
A Poem

A poem about Jacques Cartier

"In 1491 Jacques Cartier's life had just begun.
He did not know that he was going to live a life of explorations,
And even find a great many new nations.
As a boy he fished with his father off the coast of Newfoundland,
And wished he could go beyond the icy mountain.
Years later the king did request
That he find a passage to the northwest.
Of course he did not protest,
For he wanted to sail to the northwest.
When he was 43, he set out to sea.
He went through the Strait of Bella Isle,
After he had travelled for several miles.
He had been trying to find a waterway,
But instead he ended up near Chaleui Bay.
He saw a polar bear,
But he was aware that the king wouldn't care.
When he returned to France,
Crowds cheered,
But Jacques feared,
That the king would not be happy.
A year later he stepped onto another ship
For he was going on his next trip."
-by L.D.H

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