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Jacques Cartier
Why was Jacques Cartier important to Canada? | Jacques Cartier's History | One of Jacques Cartier's diary entries | Jacques Cartier's voyages | A Short Story | A Poem | Biblography | Summary | Questions | Answers


Why was Jacques Cartier important to Canada?

A little about Jacques Cartier's encounter with the indians below.

 When Jacques Cartier encountered Canada he came upon some indians (the Hurons). They taught Jacques Cartier some survival techniques and traded various goods and Jacques Cartier also traded them with various things that they did not have in Canada. When he headed back to the king he brought with him two

Did you ever wonder why Jacques Cartier was so important to Canada's development?

Jacques Cartier was an important part of Canada's history because when he explored Newfoundland he thought that it was an island and when he placed the flag in the mouth of the St. Lawrence river he helped France claim the St.Lawrence river.

The area of where Jacques Cartier placed the flag.

Here are some interesting facts about Jacques Cartier.

Did you know that Jaques Cartier was put on a postage stamp. The stamp costed about 10 pence when they started selling it.