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Jacques Cartier


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One of Jacques Cartier's diary entries

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It is yet another winter out here in Canada. My men are dieing form the cold and the diseases. There are six of my men that are horribly sick. Now two more have caught the dieseas. There are only 16 men that are 100% healthy, including me. The indians here are giving some medicine to cure us of this diesease. God is here, I know he is tring to help us through the cold winter and making sure that nothing will happen to us again. I've sent some of my men to check on the ships. I hope that they both come back safe. In a couple of months when the weather gets better my men are going to go to Spain. I've been thinking of an idea to capture Canada. The next time I go see the king of france, if i am still alive i'll discuss my idea to him.


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